Jennifer Anne Willcocks

F, #10795, b. 26 September 1958, d. February 1998
MotherFay Mutch b. 6 Feb 1933, d. 6 Dec 1992
Relationships2nd cousin of Robert Mote
6th great-granddaughter of William Much
6th great-granddaughter of Charles Loiterton
9th great-granddaughter of Thomas Sheather

Life Span

Birth26 September 1958Jennifer Anne Willcocks was born on Friday, 26 September 1958 at Hobart, TAS, AustraliaG.
She was the daughter of Fay Mutch.
DeathFebruary 1998Jennifer Anne Willcocks died in February 1998 at Wisemans Ferry, NSW, AustraliaG, at age 39.

Also Known As

Married Name1987As of 19 June 1987, her married name was Jennifer Anne Kohlrays.
Last Edited22 Aug 1999

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